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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cromok and Guitar - This is my story

Way back before I'm into this bikes 'universe', there was one thing that consumed most my heartbeat. GUITAR. It doesn't bother me wether it is electric, acoustic or a bass, my fingers will ALWAYS feels itchy to pluck a few notes/chords if I saw one. If I can't play it (i.e, high end guitar at Bentleys Music - I don't even dare to lift these guitars), just by touching the neck and body would be satisfiying enough for me.

My first crush - love at first sight
(but we're never meant to be...she's soooooooooooo demanding...
and my pockets ain't that deep...hehe)

The actual reason why I wanted her 

Ok. Flashback (in black and white...hahahhaaha!)

In 1990, a band called CROMOK was beating the eardrums of many many many of my friends with their debut album entitled 'Image Of Purity'. But to me, the AURA that makes me really into this band was they came under the same national flag as me. MALAYSIAN. During that time, I (most of us 'headbangers' I believe) was heavily into the stuff from the west. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and so on. It was an UNCOMMON to find a local band that succeeded to penetrate the 'Metal From West Are The Best' zone. Sam, Karl, Miji and Din immediately became my main influence.


From Left : Miji, Karl, Sam and Din

One afternoon, three years later (1993 - I'll do the math for you...hehehe), we got the news that CROMOK already released their second album. Yeszaaaa!. After three years in hibernation, here they are again.

Later, my very good close friend and I immediately went to town, heading straight to the usual music store that we bought most of our metal influenced cassettes from. The latest album entitled 'FOREVER IN TIME'. We did managed to get ourselves one copy each despite the rumours that was spreading around saying that the album were sold out in our town. And it came with a MEGA poster. It was very rewarding.


This time around, they really DO, WITHOUT A DOUBT - SUPER KICK ASS!!...

The song "I Don't Belong Here" really stabbed through my heart. And somehow, it sparks my desire towards guitars. I desperately need to know how play this song.

Immediately after getting my very first paycheck, (and while my buddies when to pay downpayment for a Yamaha RXZ or Suzuki Panther), I bought an electric guitar branded Standbury (Made in Oversea - Indonesia to be exact...hehe)

...and one damn big guitar amp. ROCKTEK 50watts with build in Distortion and two 6 inches speakers. Made in Oversea too...hehehehe...

It punctured my wallet almost RM1K. Nevermind, it was an 'investment' (hahahaha!!!).

And 17 years later (2010 - I'll do the math for you...again...hehehe), after I got the urge to play 'I Don't Belong Here', I manage to play the rhythm of the song and only half of the solos...HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!

So much for an investment huh!. Back then I thought I'm gonna be a 'rockstar' and be filthy rich. Look what's life has beaten me with. I'm now doing desk job and filling my free time with BLOGGING...kah kah kah...

Pity me...hehe

That's my CROMOK and GUITAR story.

Thank you for your time reading this nonsense chronicle. Have a good life you all!...

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Fahrain said...

M.Shariff & guitar rules :)!!!